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8-22 Front St., PO Box 180

Chelsea-on-Hudson, NY 12512


Latitude  N 041° 33.190
Longitude  W 073° 58.221

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to wear a mask while at CYC?


Members are required to wear a mask while inside any Club building.  Masks MUST be worn at all times while on CYC grounds whenever social distancing (at least six feet) cannot be followed.  Members are strongly encouraged to wear masks at all times to minimize the spread of COVID-19 by asymptomatic carriers.  Members should stay home if they have symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days, or were exposed through close contact to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days. 


Are the Club grounds open?


Yes, the grounds around the clubhouse are open with restrictions (see FAQs below).  Please do not leave ANY personal items on Club grounds.


Can I use the picnic tables?


Yes.  Please do NOT leave any personal items such as bags, coolers, clothing on the picnic tables at any time.  After using the picnic tables, spray down with disinfectant.


Can I move the picnic tables?


No, picnic tables cannot be moved.  Picnic tables have been placed so as to maintain proper social distancing. 


Can I use the Adirondack chairs?


Yes, the Adirondack chairs are now available for use.  Masks MUST be worn if you cannot social distance while sitting on the chairs.  After using the Adirondack chairs, spray down with disinfectant.


Can I use the grills?


Yes, grilling is now allowed under the following rules:  You must carry in/carry out all utensils.  Limited number of grills will be available, and each grill will be set at a distance of at least six feet from each other.  CYC utensils for grilling and eating are not to be used. 


What should I do with my garbage?


ALL garbage MUST be removed immediately after use.  Disinfectant bottles will be kept on the grounds to spray tables, chairs, and garbage cans after use.


Can I use the clubhouse?


Yes, the Clubhouse meeting room, downstairs and upstairs bathrooms, hallway slop sink, and soda refrigerator are now available.  Masks must be worn indoors in accordance with NY State guidelines.  The kitchen and fireplace rooms are also open.  Maximum occupancy in the kitchen is 2 people.  Members must disinfect areas that you use (doorknobs, soda fridge, etc.).


Where can I leave my personal dinghy at CYC?


Personal dinghies may be kept on the dinghy docks on the S. Point or the N. Point, depending on where your boat is.  Please disinfect the motor sheds (high touch areas) after you use the shed.


What are the new outdoor sinks for?


The washing sinks located behind the clubhouse and on the N. Point are for hand washing only, NOT for cleaning cooking/eating utensils or work tools/paint brushes.


Can I dock my boat at the “I” dock (former “T” dock)?


NO member boats are allowed at this time to dock on the “I” dock.


Can I dock my boat at the Deep-Water Dock (N. Point)?


Yes, members must strictly adhere to Club Rules regarding the Deep-Water Docks:  During busy times (from 1000-1700), there is a tie-up time limit of 15 minutes on the Deep-Water Dock. At all other times, boats tied up to the dock for extended periods of time for maintenance or other reasons must allow reasonable access to boats wishing to load or unload supplies or guests. Deep Water Docks are not designed for long-term use. At no time may a boat be left unattended or overnight at the Deep-Water Dock.


Can I use the Club Dinks (the Club’s small outboard-powered launches)?


Yes, with the following restrictions:

- Club dinks are to be used only for the purpose of ferrying to a moored boat, and in no cases should be kept out longer than 15 minutes, excepting Club business and emergencies.

- Occupancy of a dink is restricted to a driver and one other person maintaining strict social distancing, OR a driver and up to 4 other persons, subject to weight restrictions, who are members of the driver’s immediate household.

- Prior to entering a dink, and after returning a dink, the driver must disinfect the boat, including its lines, all cockpit surfaces, the gas can, and engine controls using the disinfectant spray or other materials or devices placed, with instructions for use, at the dink location. 

- Do not use the PFDs kept in each boat, except in an emergency.  Use your own personal PFDs. Disinfect any boat PFD used.

- Notify the Club Steward (Jeff Dahlke) if fuel is low or has run out, disinfectant materials are low or lacking, or there are any other problems.


Is the Launch running?


Yes, the Launch is operating on a normal schedule with the following limitations:

- During busy times especially before races, we ask that one member of each vessel take the Launch to access the vessel and pick up remaining crew on N.Point.

- The CYC Launch will be limited to four (4) passengers and the Launch Driver for any run to and/or from a vessel in the mooring field. This is equal to a 50% load factor for the Launch and adheres to social distancing requirements to the best of our ability.

- Everyone using the CYC Launch will be required to wear a mask at all times while on the Launch Dock, Upon Entering the Launch, While Aboard the Launch, and When Exiting the Launch. While on the Launch Dock waiting for a run, everyone must observe Social Distancing of at least six (6) feet apart from each other.

- Members using the CYC Launch will be asked to limit the number of items carried aboard the Launch to the best of their ability. This is in effect to keep the passengers’ time aboard the CYC Launch to a minimum and allow the Launch to return to the Launch Dock as rapidly as possible to make another run in the reduced passenger load environment.

- Launch runs will be limited to the mooring field to deliver and/or pick up Club members from their vessels in the mooring field. Of course, should an emergency arise, the Launch Driver is authorized to use his/her discretion in assisting in an emergency situation as per Club rules. There are no sightseeing or unnecessary CYC Launch trips authorized this season.

- The Launch Driver on Duty will carry spray disinfection solution, paper towels and a dedicated trash bag aboard the CYC Launch and will wipe down the 'high-touch' areas of the CYC Launch between all runs.


When is the Launch running?


The Launch schedule is posted in the online calendar (


Can I bring non-member guests to the Club?


Yes, members can bring non-member guests to the Club, so long as all non-members are accompanied by a member and adhere to all COVID-19 protocols.


Can I leave my kayak, Sunfish, or other small boat at CYC?


Yes, if you follow the Waiting List procedure.  Request a storage space from (following the instructions here:  You will be informed when a space is available.  Be sure to label everything (boat, dolly, paddles, sail) with your name or member number.


Will I be charged for unworked hours mid-year (2020)?


Members will not be assessed for unworked hours that are normally expected during the first half of 2020 (13 hours Regular; 6 hours Affiliate) if they are unable to or uncomfortable working within the restrictions in place.  If a member is able and comfortable performing work on a crew other than that to which they are normally assigned, work performed in another assignment will be counted toward their hours for the year.


Do I have to complete my work hours for 2020?


Members are expected to complete their full normal work obligations by the end of the year. Hours worked after July 15 MUST be completed in the area assigned to the member unless pre-approved by the RC in charge of the assigned area.  The only exceptions will be made on a case by case basis by applying to the Vice Commodore in writing ( Applications should state the reasons the exception is sought. You will receive a reply confirming receipt of your appeal. In general: members who have been using the Club will be expected to meet the work hour requirement; any member asking for an exemption MUST have been in contact with the Rear Commodore in charge of their assigned area; AND that Rear Commodore must indicate that there is not work available that the member can do from home. For examples, see the document posted here:



What if I don’t want to launch my boat in the 2020 season?


Members must notify the RC Hauling and Storage, RC Marina, and Treasurer in writing as quickly as possible if they know they do NOT wish to launch their boat. These members will have any previously invoiced mooring fees credited to their account.


The intent of the following billing guidelines is to create three (3) billing classes for simplicity: DRY, WET, and NONE. The following temporary billing guidelines for moorings and boat/trailer storage will apply for 2020:

- No boats will be charged a fee for failure to launch, for not being ready to launch, or for being moved to accommodate another boat’s launch.

- Any boat on CYC property during summer months will be charged the summer storage fee of $9.00 per foot with no proration (DRY).

- Previously invoiced mooring fees and/or summer trailer storage fees for boats that remain on land at CYC or elsewhere will be credited to member’s account.

- Any boat that is launched in the water for any portion of the season will be charged the mooring fee of $18 per foot with no refunds or proration (WET).  No storage fee will be charged for the time on CYC property between the winter season and the boat’s launch.

- For any boat that was stored on CYC property during the winter and at the member’s discretion is removed from CYC property when scheduling and NYS restrictions allow, previously invoiced mooring or summer storage fees will be credited to the member’s account (NONE).


It is solely at the member’s discretion whether to have their boat launched in 2020.  However, it shall be understood that boats may need to be moved at the discretion of the RC Hauling & Storage in order for other boats to be launched. All boats should be left in safe condition to be moved at all times, including securing of all loose items on or in the boat. Hauling & Storage will attempt to notify members prior to their boat being moved, and if notification prior to moving is not possible then members will be notified after their boat has been moved.  A member’s decision concerning their boat in 2020 will not affect the member’s vested rights in regards to future allocation of Club facilities.


Is there racing at CYC in 2020?


Yes, regular races are being held on Sundays and Wednesday evenings.  Details can be found in the Racing menu on the CYC website, and the racing schedule is posted in the online calendar (


Is there a restriction on who can sail/crew on my boat?


CYC has imposed no restrictions on who can sail with you on your boat.  Other organizations have recommended that you sail with only members of your immediate household.





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8-22 Front St., PO Box 180

Chelsea-on-Hudson, NY 12512


Latitude  N 041° 33.190
Longitude  W 073° 58.221

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