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Race Committee Duty

Sailboat racing and Race Committee duty are traditions at Chelsea Yacht Club. Most CYC members try racing at some point and most enjoy it. For many, Race Committee duty serves as an introduction to the sport.

The Race Committee consists of a chairperson and one to three assistants and is assigned for each race. While the chairperson will have experience both as a racer and as a Race Committee assistant, assistants need not have any such experience. The chairperson will assign tasks and give instructions to each assistant.

All CYC members who raced during the previous season and all new members are asked to serve for one race. For this year's assignments, consult the Race Committee Assignments. It is the Race Committee chairperson’s job to contact his/her assistants during the week prior to their assigned race to verify that they will attend and to agree on a time to report. Normally, the Race Committee is expected to arrive at CYC at least 1½ hours prior to the first race. For series races, the Race Committee should arrive no later than 12:00 Noon.

There is a Race Committee Instructions manual (seven pages, Race Committee Instructions) on board the Race Committee boat, and copies are available from the CYC Fleet Captain. Those assigned to Race Committee duty for the first time, and those who want to refresh their Race Committee skills, will find the Race Committee Instructions to be very useful reading. It is recommended that everyone assigned to Race Committee duty read these instructions a day or two before the assigned race.

Races are usually run regardless of weather conditions, unless the wind is steady above 25 miles per hour or there are thunderstorms in the area. All Race Committee personnel are expected to report to CYC unless the Fleet Captain instructs them otherwise.

For those who are new to Race Committee duty, remember that you will be on an open boat on the river for most of the afternoon. Dress appropriately and bring sunscreen and any food or drink that you may require.

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